An Inclusive Society: Diversity Panel Preview
Feb 2, 2010 – Andres Tapia, the chief diversity officer at Hewitt Associates, took a few minutes from a busy schedule to discuss his expectations for the Diversity Roundtable set for Friday, Feb. 5, as part of the Wake Forest University Marketing Summit.
Paul Davis of Firsthand Experiences conducted this online Q&A, giving a hint of what to expect in just a matter of days.

Law Firm Diversity: Be Careful What You Ask For
Jan/Feb,2010 – Are law firms that are pursuing diversity truly ready to get what they ask for? One of the most troublesome realities of successful diversity recruiting strategies has been the reality of the high turnover of the women and minorities that were brought in the door. It turns out that most of these organizations got ready to receive people who looked different – but they were not ready for people who thought different.

Suddenly Anything is Possible: The Inclusion Paradox
Oct 28, 2009 – Note to readers: We occasionally feature guest bloggers who we rely on to inform and inspire us. AndrésTapia is no exception.

The Obama Era
March 15, 2009 – We require a new generation of diversity work. But first we must understand the cultural shifts that enabled President Obama’s election and the platform on which we can build strategies.

Chicago Rising: What Obama’s Hometown Means for the Rest of America
November 6, 2008 – Chicago has emerged as a potential new model for redefining American identity: it is Midwestern and is becoming a global power center.

Will the Real American Please Stand Up?
November 3, 2008 - The elections have breathed new life into two American mythologies – Rugged Frontier and Vibrant City.  But can only one survive? Who are the real Americans: arugula eaters or moose hunters?

Peru’s Poor Speak Up: Tourism is Good, Law School is Better
September 26, 2007 – Peru’s economic boom is not reaching everyone but there is a spirit of optimism and entrepreneurship even among those who make their living on the street.

Global Teens: Raising Our Children to Thrive in a Flat World
August 17, 2007 – The author’s daughter had an extended stay in Peru, where he grew up.  Through her experience there, the idea of a global society –led by teenagers–came right to his doorstep.

When the Earth Shakes Back Home
August 16, 2007 – The earthquake that devastated Lima, Peru, was felt in the hearts of Peruvians living in America who fear for family, friends and familiar places.

Digital Latinos Renew Love for Traditions
April 6, 2007 – South Americans’ embrace of the digital age while still honoring their folkways has led to an interconnected “nuevo global latino” identity.

Globalization Transforming How Poor Peruvians Shop and Live
September 24, 2004 – In Peru, shopping malls and fitness centers are the new face of low-income communities.  While credit card debt looms, older cultural traditions hang on.